Thursday, 2 July 2015

Boracay here we are! Last Day!

Our last day here in Boracay! Cant wait to go home and also feeling a little reluctant to leave. It's been too many days but I know I will miss it terribly once Im home. Woke up slightly later cos Ive kept my sand shoes and all the bikinis. All packed up and ready to go. We just walked outside the resort and took as many pictures as we could. Selfies for the next 30mins or so hahahah.

Picture of our Resort signboard. I think we took this the day before. Our room is few huts away from this sign which is directly at the entrance from the beach. 

Amy said we should pack our lunch from the resto before we leave for the airport since there might not be anything to eat at the airport. We got some sandwiches to go and waited for the guy to pick us up at the resort. So here we go again, hours of bus ride which is pretty confusing since we had to find the right ferry to board and also the right bus to board. Don't wanna go somewhere else than the airport yo. So glad I had them with me. Some people boarded the wrong bus. I don't know what happened to them. Bus ride to the airport felt slightly faster than arrival day but I doubt it really is. One toilet stop and on our way to the airport. Airport was crowded and chaotic. No clear signs to where is the immigration lane and which is the other lanes to get other passes. I think they had to pay some OFW pass or something like that. 

We had mango shake again. I will miss that sugary goo. Finally I get to use my TooFaced Melted instead of the bright red Urban Decay lip liner. No choice, it was my only waterproof lip colour. 

Finally a shot of all our 3 bracelets. Amy got the horse one since that's her chinese zodiac, and then it hit me... why didn't she get a seahorse instead. We were like OH YEAHHH.... #facepalm. Well too late for that hahahha.. 

Probably the only pop up shop at the Kalibo airport hahahah.. 

Summary of our whole trip. I'm so addicted to doing collages. Trip was fun. Can't wait for the next one where I get to molest some whale sharks in Bohol? Waahoo. 

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