Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Lime Crime Velvetines: Riot

So finally Jan helped us order the second batch of Velvetines. This time round I got Riot. Picture is taken from Lime Crime website. Initially I wanted to order also Wicked but luckily I didn't since Red Velvet already looked pretty much like what I think Wicked will look like on my lips. Wanted to order Bleached which is one of the 3 new shades they have but the order was placed a day earlier than the release date. #lesigh. Oh well.. Next round then.

This is what it looks like on my skin. It looks okay but it dulls my complexion. I suit brighter colour much better. The colour feels even darker after the hours tick by. Im just probably not used to darker colour. Makes me look emo/fierce. The next colour I will get is Bleached. It feels like a lighter version of Riot which I think will suit my skin much better. I wanted a pinkish/more neutral colour and I have a feeling Bleached will be the perfect fit for me. 

Lime Crime Velvetines

Long lasting, non removable after you've applied them but after a long day, you can remove it with even micellar lotion.
Velvety finish, will not sit well if you have very cracked lips but it's much less drying than other similar types. 

This shade is more suitable for lighter complexion or less pigmented lips.
Wears off at certain spots on your lips after a meal especially when you eat very oily food or you rub them vigorously right after.  

Review for the other Velvetines shades I've tried are here:

Wearing Red Velvet here. So different from Riot. Learning to embrace this in your face puta-red colour hahahah. 

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