Friday, 10 July 2015

Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack: Vivid Scarlet & Virgin Red

Ordered these online. There was a period of time where they are all the lip products I will see. Saw some other ones too but I think I'll just thy these first. The reviews sound convincing. It's available in plenty of colours. 

Picture taken from the web. Have just realised that my colours are the new ones! Great choice Berrisom. I've since ordered more for Angela and Xiu. Angela said she's afraid of the colour and smell? I hope you're reading this and you've given them another try because I think they're are pretty amazing. 

Normal plastic applicator. This can get messy and you can draw out of line if you don't have a steady hand. Jan kept saying she doesn't like it. Me neither but I can still work with that. Using a lip brush will probably help but I'm too lazy to clean it off afterwards.

It looks a little scary after application. But the colour fades off real nice. Best thing about this is that it'ts long lasting and you don't feel like there's a layer of lipstick caking on ur lips. You can apply gloss or balm on top of this tint and it looks fine and won't rub it off like the other long lasting  lipnicure I've tried.

I usually just smack my lips together and if they are really dry, both sides will stick onto each other and I just have to peel once. Better to only peel once they are really dry or there will probably be some patchy spots. It will be hard to fix later on and you need to allocate more time to wait for it to dry - aint nobody got time fo dat! (double negative = positive? hahah)

Peel peel peel. Usually after I finished peeling I will dab a wet tissue on my lips. They taste really nasty - well not exactly nasty but you have this feeling that you are licking strong chemicals. At this point of time I really don't mind putting these on once in a while but maybe I will have to review the makeups I use once I'm married and am trying to conceive. The amount of chemicals we are digesting and applying on our skin would be a massive shocker if we know the data. 

After 3-5 minutes or once it's dry, peel it off. This is what you get. Tint-ish matte colour. They last super long. When I have these on before I leave the house, I won't bring it with me for reapplication. You won't be able to top this up in public anyway since it takes time to dry. I usually just bring my Chachatint to top up if it fades off a little. Or balm, since you will feel like you have nothing on.

This is with makeup remover and after vigorous scrubbing. Usually when I try to remove immediately after I've applied it (cos I want to try other colour or I think I can line my lips better), it won't come off easily especially only with micellar lotion. 

Colour feels more reddish than orange. 

Both pictures are with Vivid Scarlet. Second picture looks duller because of the lighting. Virgin Red looks like dark red on me. I find myself using Vivid Scarlet very often. 

Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack
#Vivid Scarlet 
#Virgin Red

Super long lasting.
Does not flake off because there isn't a layer of gunk on the lips.
It will look ok even if you have rough lined lips. 
Will wear off a little after a very long time, oily food doesn't really affect unless you scrub your lips like mad after your meal.

Need to wait for a good 3-5minutes before it dries, depends on how thick you apply the layer.
Strong taste - I don't purposely lick it but after application and the peeling when I wet my lips, the chemical taste is strong. 
I use plenty of this so I think it will run out pretty fast.
Applicator is not very user friendly. 

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