Friday, 7 August 2015

Instagram Obsession

So, I have been "obsessed" with Instagram everything since I downloaded the app for the second time. First time I deleted it after a while cos I didn't really know how it worked. Second time Jan told me to install and it was more fun since I have an active friend there hahahah. So now, Instagram is like my go to time killer - besides Pinterest and 9gag. If you want to follow me, my usename is @immech. My feed is displayed on the right bar. Feel free to stalk hahaha. Follow me and say hi though. Would be nice to know that someone friendly is actually reading all my jibberish.

These are just some Instagram inspired DIY stuff that I've made. I have also crafted a clay charm with my usename on it I think but it wasn't very impressive and I'm too lazy to search for the picture but I think it's still on my Instagram feed.

Everything you see here is for sale in my Etsy account. They are customizable also. Click here to view and order or drop me a message for custom order if you like. This post is about Instagram items only but of course there are many more handmade items there.

I think this is my first or second felt item. I wanted it for my keychain and my bag. You can simply pin this back with a safety pin to anything you like. I pinned it onto my DIY sling bag which I have painstakingly handsewn - I don't know what had gotten into me. When the creative juices are flowing, they flood hahahha (just like your period on day one/two #ew #tmi). I have never felt comfortable when people say ohhh you're creative blah blah because I feel like this isn't my original creation - Instagram is not my creation even though everything else was made by myself fresh from the oven. Maybe there are other similar products out there for sale but I don't know and I wouldn't say that there is one that is exactly the same as what I made.

I wasn't one of those people who appreciates handmade items in the past because I always think they are overpriced. You need to be able to appreciate the time and effort people put into crafting the items. The cost of materials might not be comparable to the final asking price but think about this, for a small "business", they buy raw materials at NON wholesale price so the cost of materials are already more expensive than mass factory produced items. The factories might be able to obtain a piece of raw material for 20cents but for people like us it might cost 5$ a pop. Well you never know. I definitely am not the kind who will buy hundred over pieces of raw material for something that can't sell as fast or I do not have the capacity to produce in a short amount of time. I guess what I'm trying to say is, you pay for the crafters' time and effort and maybe the number of curses I utter every time the needle pricks my hand hahahah

Now I can appreciate when I see handmade items going for a more than average asking prices but I might still spend a lot of time thinking before i decide to get them, most of the time I will think if I can make them myself, which I normally do. There is still a project I wanted to make for myself instead of ordering online because I felt it was a little out of my price range and I want to enjoy learning and making it myself. I really enjoy making these items. Sometimes I think it's funny when friends ask me if I made some stuff myself when I actually bought them. I don't know if I should feel offended or flattered since it can go either way - are you saying my purchased items looks "handmade"ish even though I paid so much for them or are you saying my handmade skills are very impressive that my purchased items can pass off as my handmade quality. Usually my first thought and response to that is WHATT HOW DARE YOU hahahahah 

This is the key/cash/card/coin pouch that I probably made first before the mini keychain. I remember drawing out the "prototype" (sounds so fancy siahhh macham engineer *pukes hahahha) in my journal and it's one of those that Jan says looks like a child's drawings - if you're reading this, Jan, F@RKY0U! It's cute ok hahahah..  The metal chain is detachable. I made everything based on what I would use myself - I want something that can keep my housecard or any loose items sometimes - like maybe my hair tie or extra keys that I only need once for that day/week or maybe battery sample I need to get when I go out later (yeah, so random I know, no one needs a sample when you need to get AA or AAA battery but if you wanna get a frickin tiny battery for your watch - the blahblah622 kind, you better bring your sample - or picture lah whatever you want, I prefer to manually compare and be sure), my many keys and i want to be able to just pull it out and have everything still attached together. I notice that I tend to rant off hahaha #oops. Anyway, this is the latest version. I notice that I keep changing up the look, sometimes it's to make things easier to sew for me and sometimes to improve the look. This is the best it has ever looked. You should see the first one - it's still on my Instagram feed. It's so ugly. I kept that piece for myself as sample sizing.

So this is my latest obsession. I wanted an Instagram sling bag for myself but I've decided to put this one up for sale first. I intend to make a bigger size and also another one of this for me, maybe slightly smaller? But I think this size is perfect. It fits my iPhone 6 Plus and all my make up stuff and other tingtongs I need to bring out. I added a base so it looks nice when you put in your items. You'll notice that sometimes some bag doesn't have a base and it tends to sag really badly when you dump in your stuff. I hate that look. 

The strap is adjustable. You just have to re-clip it according to the length you desire. The bag is fully lined. I really like when pouches or bags are lined. They look more expensive and proper, not some half assed made stuff. My first pouch wasnt lined and I just cut a line at the back for my ezlink card hahah. Yikes. I feel like making another sling bag soon for my Gili trip. 

This is the size comparison between the sling and the pouch. You can do an instagram inception - pouch within pouch hahaha. The decoden phone case is also listed on my Etsy. There are many versions available and they are all for iPhones mainly iPhone 5/5s/6.