Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Lime Crime Velvetines: Bleached

SO... Sa wakas! Finally!!! My long awaited Bleached is here! Thanks Jan for ordering - my Lime Crime representative hahahah. Lime Crime was having free shipping then and it was the perfect moment. I thought I had to wait for ages till the next time I lay my hand on this. 

So my Bleached doesn't have a label like the rest. Hopefully i won't grab the wrong stick when I'm in a hurry. It does look lighter than the other ones though so it's pretty easy to tell it apart, maybe I need to compare it more to Riot. Smells like the other Velvetines - vanilla-ish, which is great, much better than having it smell like very artificial berries I guess. 

All my Velvetines swatches. I think I'm done for all the colours for now. These are probably the only 4 colours that suit me. Maybe till my skin gets lighter which I doubt is possible because I was even tanner once upon a time hahah. 

Met up with Jan at Nanas again and this is what Bleached look on us after our meal. I removed my Cha Cha Tint but it probably still has an orangey residue on my lips so Bleached look a little coloured than it should be on my lips. It looks different on Janice. More nude pink? She had Wicked on before this so maybe it darkened Bleached a little. I think it looks a little orange on me in this picture. 

Maybe it's the lighting that is dulling the colour hahah. 

Another lighting and a closer look. Looks pinkish here. I think finally I can say I have found my nude or light pink shade that I can carry off. It looks alright on my skin finally. Applying Velvetines definitely takes practice. Certain shades I feel you need to spread them out and and certain shades you can just pile on especially if you have very smooth lips. Less is most of the time - definitely more. 

It doesn't look obvious here but I dabbed Suedeberry in the middle portion. Looks better in real life, feels more alive, has more dimensions, not too flat. Maybe its because the splash of orange wakes me up. Riot with Red Velvet at the centre probably will look nice. Has yet to try that out. 

Lime Crime Velvetines

The pros and cons are similar to the other Velvetines I have.

This shade suits my yellowish skin tone - doesn't look very off looking.
Very pretty matte shade especially for you who love this look.
Long lasting.
Easily removable at the end of the day.
Smells lovely.

Probably too little if you use it everyday, it won't last very long.
Highlights your lip lines.

All the Velvetines on me. Red Velvet really stood out. I would say Suedeberry is still the one that looks the best on me. Riot is a little too dark for my skin. I will use it when I'm feeling a little emo or semi goth hahah.

Review on Red Velvet and Suedeberry is here.
Review on Riot is here.

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