Monday, 3 August 2015

Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense

Saw a video of this girl using this balm and her natural lip shade looks similar to mine - little dark. It looked good on her so I think it might look good on me too. Since I'm trying to look for a pinkish shade, this might be a good find. Still waiting eagerly for my LimeCrime Bleached. I think that might be my best pink fit. #fingerscrossed.

So this is what the packaging looks like. Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense in shade #25 Bouquet Deep Pink. The pink butt has a twist function so you don't need to sharpen this, just twist the new portion up. I think it's best to keep it in bullet shape though for easier application considering some people have weird ways of applying lipsticks that alter the head completely.

Easy compact size for small pouch. Need to be careful with the cap though since it might come off anytime but it sits pretty tight. I foresee this cracking soon under my care.

Swatch looks like this. Seems promising. Glides on easily. It has a dry formula. So if your lips are the kind with dry lines, it will show up when you apply this. And the lipstick head is like any other lipstick but less moist so it picks up residue from your lips - you know the kind that sometimes you see transferred to your clean lips when you apply it, some flakes of skin or dirt maybe. That ruins the look so need to check after application. I really prefer to apply without looking into the mirror nowadays since I'm too lazy to take out the mirror. That works better if the balm is moist enough so you just need to smack your lips around to finish the look. It won't work with this balm. I would say, there is no smacking around. The colour won't transfer easily between your lips. Which is also a good thing because it means it's kiss proof. No transfer residue on my hand and mugs. BUT one thing that is strange is, it's easily removed by tissue also. Probably happens only when you scrub it. 

Comes off easily with Micelar water. So it's easily removable. I haven't tried food test yet. Few hours of drinking through a straw and eating crabsticks and ice cream left it intact with very minor rub off. It's surprisingly very long lasting for what it looks like. I have a feeling most of it is probably going to stay put with food or at most exactly like Velvetines. Click here and here for the reviews. 

Picture taken from the web. Many shades available. It's a little difficult to find a colour spread of all the shades and I think this should be for the same series but my shade isn't listed again. Maybe it's one of the new ones. Don't think the other colours will match me. 

Here is what the colour looks on me. I think it's a good substitute for my Etude House Color Lips-fit, also in Nicki Minaj pink hahahah. Click for that review. This is slightly more forgiving and easier to apply as it's more normal balm consistency but still towards the dry side. Looks better in pictures but I'm still annoyed with the dry part.

Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense
#25 Bouquet Deep Pink

Pretty long lasting.
Transfer proof.
Easy to remove. 

Feels dry. 
Emphasizes your lip lines.
Looks better when applied with lip brush but... aint nobody got time fo dat.
I think it looks acceptable on me but I still think it's more suitable for fairer skin people. 

Rating: 3.7/5


  1. The colour look nice on you!
    But then when I saw your other posts, I feel that all the colours look great on you. You're great at choosing colours!