Friday, 14 August 2015

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Ordered this some time back when the hype was still on. Kept seeing this online and it was cheaper than retail pricing so I ordered. But the order came almost a month later. It was out of stock even though seller said he's shipped it out - hate this. Lips been peeling like mad as usual... Maybe it's in dire need of much needed H2O. I feel like I've been drinking very little water lately. Substituted by more sugary drinks and alcohol. You really get influenced by people you hang out most with (damn you, Conrado! hahah)

Tube is pretty small but I'm not worried. My sleeping mask lasts me FOREVER. It comes with a silicone tip spatula which is pretty.... redundant in my case since I'm so lazy I'll probably just dip my whole lip or just scoop it out with my finger. Yuck? Screw you, you probably do it too hahah. As for the dipping of the whole lip, I didnt realise it can be such an ugly action till I told Conrad to do it and it looked damn horrible like he was trying to eat the whole tub. Kit used to look at me and exclaim WHAT ARE YOU DOING! hahahah.. 

A little scoop goes a long way. It might look pink but it's more clear coloured. I tried applying a thick layer and it made me look like I had a sick person's lips - too nude. You can afford to apply thicker as well since you have so much of that. It smells like an artificial berry.. which I don't really like but you don't really smell it anymore after application. 

My lips before application. Actually Ive applied a layer but removed it because I forgot to take a "before" picture hahah so it might look already a little bit better than it really is. The reddish part are hardened dry skin waiting to be peeled off but if I do that, you will hear me wail in agony because it's too dry and I will bleed. 

This is what it looked like after application. I didn't apply too much. Just enough to coat the whole lips. It feels really moist. I would say maybe slightly thicker than the usual gooey lip balm. I'm comparing it to my Etude House Magic Balm which is my got to lip balm for every situation. I used to use it every night especially when I feel my lips are extra dry. But... it's tinted and I sometimes drape the duvet over my face and it will stain the duvet GRRRRR~. 

I tried peeling off the reddish part 30mins to an hour into application. It didn't hurt like it would if I were to just peel it off without applying the mask. There are still some parts left so I just applied a little more on top of the existing mask. Feels much smoother already.

Clearer shot of the after effect. This is probably almost 2 hours after I first started application. I find it better if you apply a layer at night and when you wake up in the morning, wipe it off with a tissue and scrub your lips. You will see tiny flakes of skin coming off. I usually just brush my teeth first and wipe off later. The teeth brushing action will not remove this goo hahah. If you don't wipe it off your dry skin will probably still dry up again later. So better get it off your lips while it's super soft. 

Should you get this? Yes, if you tend to have dry flaky lips and if you like using matte lipsticks. Otherwise... I guess you will do just fine with normal balm. 

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